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The automotive industry is dramatically changing, triggered by development in emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability policies, and changing consumer preferences around ownership.


These forces are giving rise to four disruptive technology-driven trends: connected, autonomous driving, shared, electric


JTEKT is ready.



As a leading global automotive supplier JTEKT provides the innovative products, technical expertise, and collaboration to exceed it’s customers’ expectations


We develop a wide range of advanced motion and mobility solutions to allow car drivers to enjoy performance and driving pleasure!

Good steering performance ensures that the driver feels safe and comfortable while enjoying the drive. Over the years, customers, end-users and journalists have highlighted the performance of steering systems developed and fine-tuned by JTEKT.

Our secret?

Based on standards developed and improved over the years by JTEKT Corporation, our regional technical centre uses its 40 years of collaboration with European car makers to adjust our products to their requirements & brand DNA.


To achieve the desired steering feel, our European technical centre also relies on the expertise of its in-house team of test drivers as well as its own proving ground facilities.

Pinion type Electric Power Steering

Our small and compact P-EPS systems deliver industry-leading safety, comfort and environmental performances.

Dual pinion type Electric Power Steering

Because the assist function of the DP-EPS system is separated from the steering wheel axle, the degree of freedom of installation is enhanced and, together with an optimum strength design, a large output is realised, without sacrificing performance.


Column type Electric Power Steering

The C-EPS was introduced by JTEKT in 1988 as the very first ‘EPS’ system in the world.


The power-assist unit is located on the steering column which makes it ideal for compact vehicles.


Rack type Electric Power Steering

JTEKT has developed the world’s smallest RP-EPS packaging with an excellent noise & vibration performance.



By removing the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires, our steer-by-wire systems offer an enhanced driving experience while providing the foundational technology for autonomous driving.

Fully redundant backup systems ensure safety.

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